The train ride.

This really got me thinking about how my mind map might look. Some people say that the mind is so complicated like that of many pipelines connected with out points of nerves that work the muscle to push and pull. And reacting to every emotion. Just thought how my mind would look on paper might be colourful, messy or dull. What would really happen if I really wrote what I was thinking and drawing everything to link and reason bubbles or box. Box for title and bubbles for reasons.

I really think blogging won’t be enough. Settling and unsettling point of the true me would have been a sort after effect of how can this be…..!? Is this me?! All the wonder for what God has given us as human beings. Comes to think of it. That paper would have to way bigger then the bill board. Like a mad science guy. Formulas and puzzules. Oh great I shall stop. Arriving to meet my old time friend for coffe and smokes. Holland village.


Some interesting reads!

Brains and more then brains! Things we think we can handle but in most times we are over stimulated.

A case of the crazies intended to null you. Both ways taking your time away from God and life itself. So just take some time to think over bearing TV dramas that shape the attitudes and emotions.

Get a book to read and learn more. Or just spend time with God!