Business Progress All Round

How much bureaucracy would you say in a traditional company. And how how many things would you say work is really work. When most things like politics of traditional thinking floods the a none progressive ideals in mindsets, in attitudes, in culture & in life.

Work culture is so important here is a link to share where things would change for a better idea of what progression means. “the Real innovator” & “being in constant change”, in what change you say? Progressively changing not for the sick of culture but also for the better in understanding ourselves as people and in this fast paced working society. Not just being it but being human. Motive will have to change too. I would understand where this guy is coming from. But there are real limitations.


Moving forward!

Finding the right point to start with was hard after a long break. Finding your way-points in life have been hard to. Needed to stay away from people had me going for a holiday. Which rather not due to the fact that I never wanted to go, but was glad that I did to get perspective for myself and peace in mind too. Took me awhile to find it in God. ¬†Right here and now. Peace…. Please feel free to comment and like and share if you must. Thank you for dropping by. Blessed Christmas and A Blessed New Year! More updates soon!!!!

All I have to know… Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

Trying to make sense of it all. I had to copy what ever information I need due to its effects of the so called cancer. I don’t know what the doctors consider this sort of molecular effective. I have lost my endurance for pain and also stamina. Its going down the drain fast. Need a lot of sleep. Body is aching. Bones aching too.


Link for wiki:

Base Line Information of CML

Understanding the Base Line

Treatments For CML

Lifestyle Of CML

I hope this will help for the time being. Being diagnosed with this sort of thing makes it even harder to comprehend the understatements of stress in life.


What do you do when you get sent to the A&E and you get admitted at the age of 32? What do you do when the doctors tell you when your odds point to cancer? What do you do when you lookat yourself and think of the future? What do you do when all you do is think about the what could have happen?

I have just been confirmed by the doctor certified Chronic Myeloid Leukemia at the age of 32. Sad as it may seem I  am at a loss for understading these conditions rights now. (Like winging it!) But i hav to face it soon ion 20 April 2016 which is just next week. With all that is going on now I am afriad of what can and might happen during the course of this effect. Losing my job for that matter. Losing the energy to serve and play drum for music ministry. Change of alot of lifestyle habits. Going into debt. Going on with no end. Losing the understanding of God’s love. Losing faith. Breaking bones. Easliy getting sick. Not being able to work for atleast 2 years or even two hours in a day. Not having enough money to support these treatments. I still have not read the side effectsof the meds I have to take. 1’s way cheap and the others are way too expensive. I am at a loss for words. Fatigue is like common feature now and I can’t concentrate as much. My mind is everywhere.Having a little bit more time to myself is also good but still don’t have any clue what to do as of now. Stuck in the middle. Feelings are up and down. Sleep is still a hard thing to do to slep on time and getting up on time. My mind is still racing. Which is weird. Even after being warded.

I do thank God for the nurses in my ward or being so understanding and also the counselors too. I was surrounded by sick old people. I was the only 32 year old there. I felt so weird at that moment. Singapore is really just to expensive. Medical bills are way to high or that matter too. Even doctors have to help with the gray lines and round abouts.  I still than God for fmily and friends and colleugues too for all their prayers. My mind, heart and soul is still in shock rom what I am hearing and going to hear in the next few months. Haven’t sek he Lord proper.

Have to abandon…

Looking at the situation in Merlion when cost of living is going up and up. I shall have to put a stop to my plans for the time being. But also for the better too. This year will be a hard run for most companies as retrenchments are happening again. Health in Merlion is so expensive that if you get sick you would rather be died then alive. Ridiculars prices in living cost. And private sectors in this current culture does not have any view in work life balance. So lively hoods are distorted and private sector just wants profit. This nation has a way of saying things that are wrong to force right. Which every one can see.

Biggest problem with using religion as a company culture. When you have spiritual roots don’t run deep in your own bones you will not be able to handle your own life. Not everybody will agree with the things you say. And this is not the army. Bosses who like to put the iron fist first are going to lose their workers anyways. This is the commercial sector which intellects think they have it all. But on the other hand is Jesus usually would do the opposite from the world dyer situation. Action and acting is one. But action with heart and none self serving attitude / humbleness would will always be the letter. Action with motive does not help unless you really know what you want to achieve out of that outcome. Bad motives make for crappy nature towards others, which will never ever be working out. Parables were made for a reason. The die to self has and always been in place for that reason of God breaking HIS vessels.

Always staying on the track with Jesus side by side always works. Even if the situation looks grim. As this is a blog about me more then anything else. I will try to comply most of the draft types and relocate most draft to topics made.


Amplitude for stupid. Part ……?!?

When will this cultured first world brains stop to say – kissing ass and showing face is really useless. Importance of finishing work that is needed. Eating really is not the importance, carrying your freaking face value has totally no value whatsoever unless the need calls for it! So where does our work lay in finishing and doing the one thing you have to stand on for survivability in christ. This culture has only shown me stupid works of empathy. Don’t need stupid empathy. Never bring your baggage to work. Nothing ever gets done at work like we are adults playing in a big kinddy. Headless! Why I would say that is that everyone wants to be the boss but has no real value at all. And really can’t mind their own business. A real petty world of self indulgence of self gratification. They call that christian. Nah screw it, nothing really exists just for you. Keep blaming the lowest person in the company and really nothing gets done if you keep doing that. Both ¬†ways we have become that much more complacent till a point thinking that we have done ours jobs which have never been completed. No value to company whatsoever. I do plead with God and I pray that the christian faith isn’t just that! Playing face games in the office. I do respect the person and rank but when bullcrap that people give i will have to draw the lines for that matter.

Envy. A little share!

If you ever have jealousy in your heart repent for it will kill you! Even in climbing ladder in the corporate situations. Wanting somebody else’s position is it really worth it? Is it really God’s will for us? If really check yourself before challenging yourself to that position of understanding your work scale and load and the position your in. Weight out the pro’s and con’s of your current job position. And then weight that position you want to be at also with the pro’s and con’s. Reason might also show that its either your will or God’s will. So check yourself before you get yourself killed at work! Pray hard about where you are going and pray hard for answer from God too.
Here is a sermon that was preached by Pastor Adeline, something that we all will have to check ourselves with everyday. And stay God centered.

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Lets be real about it.

Right now I just feel closed into the corner. Which does call for more interesting times. I know that in my life and future that will be coming will kind of hard. Cutting losses now will be a better time to take some rest and re-collect myself with that little bit of peace. Even for ministry and work too. I did promise myself when I was in bible school not to fake myself, lie to myself about having rest. This has gone way to far for my liking even having to find time to pray o even read the bible. Ido hate it when they try to use heir authority over me which I do think they will no be ale to control me in any way. They imply their personal bullshit selfishess. I will not conform just for their liking. I was trying to understand politics. But then I realised that politics is actually true heart of a human being of selfishness that which alot of people will say is not but to me it still is. (If doing right is wrong then what is right to begin with). I am more tired now more then ever. Will be quiting doing stuff so that i can recover.