Have to abandon…

Looking at the situation in Merlion when cost of living is going up and up. I shall have to put a stop to my plans for the time being. But also for the better too. This year will be a hard run for most companies as retrenchments are happening again. Health in Merlion is so expensive that if you get sick you would rather be died then alive. Ridiculars prices in living cost. And private sectors in this current culture does not have any view in work life balance. So lively hoods are distorted and private sector just wants profit. This nation has a way of saying things that are wrong to force right. Which every one can see.

Biggest problem with using religion as a company culture. When you have spiritual roots don’t run deep in your own bones you will not be able to handle your own life. Not everybody will agree with the things you say. And this is not the army. Bosses who like to put the iron fist first are going to lose their workers anyways. This is the commercial sector which intellects think they have it all. But on the other hand is Jesus usually would do the opposite from the world dyer situation. Action and acting is one. But action with heart and none self serving attitude / humbleness would will always be the letter. Action with motive does not help unless you really know what you want to achieve out of that outcome. Bad motives make for crappy nature towards others, which will never ever be working out. Parables were made for a reason. The die to self has and always been in place for that reason of God breaking HIS vessels.

Always staying on the track with Jesus side by side always works. Even if the situation looks grim. As this is a blog about me more then anything else. I will try to comply most of the draft types and relocate most draft to topics made.



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