Amplitude for stupid. Part ……?!?

When will this cultured first world brains stop to say – kissing ass and showing face is really useless. Importance of finishing work that is needed. Eating really is not the importance, carrying your freaking face value has totally no value whatsoever unless the need calls for it! So where does our work lay in finishing and doing the one thing you have to stand on for survivability in christ. This culture has only shown me stupid works of empathy. Don’t need stupid empathy. Never bring your baggage to work. Nothing ever gets done at work like we are adults playing in a big kinddy. Headless! Why I would say that is that everyone wants to be the boss but has no real value at all. And really can’t mind their own business. A real petty world of self indulgence of self gratification. They call that christian. Nah screw it, nothing really exists just for you. Keep blaming the lowest person in the company and really nothing gets done if you keep doing that. Both  ways we have become that much more complacent till a point thinking that we have done ours jobs which have never been completed. No value to company whatsoever. I do plead with God and I pray that the christian faith isn’t just that! Playing face games in the office. I do respect the person and rank but when bullcrap that people give i will have to draw the lines for that matter.


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