Envy. A little share!

If you ever have jealousy in your heart repent for it will kill you! Even in climbing ladder in the corporate situations. Wanting somebody else’s position is it really worth it? Is it really God’s will for us? If really check yourself before challenging yourself to that position of understanding your work scale and load and the position your in. Weight out the pro’s and con’s of your current job position. And then weight that position you want to be at also with the pro’s and con’s. Reason might also show that its either your will or God’s will. So check yourself before you get yourself killed at work! Pray hard about where you are going and pray hard for answer from God too.
Here is a sermon that was preached by Pastor Adeline, something that we all will have to check ourselves with everyday. And stay God centered.

Because of envy they killed Jesus.

Matt 27:18
Because of envy they handed him over ……… 
Definition A feeling of discontent, dislike and ill-will against another person’s possessions, success.
– For having something you don’t have
– To look with ill-will. 
– To look with evil intent.
– To look against.
Mark 7: 21 – 22 
The representation of an eye evil. A green eye a wick and evil eye. 
1. Envy is Work of the flesh. 
2. Envy is bitter. 
3. Envy is Devilish. 
4. Envy is a mother of Strife.
5. Envy is worst then wrath or anger.
6. Envy is like a Cancer. 
1. Envy is the work of the flesh.
– Galatians 5:19 – 21 
2. Envy is bitter.
– James 3:14 – 16
Envy is the least confessed sin in our prayer confession. We got to be honest with ourselves. 
3. Envy is Devilish.
– James 3:14 – 16
Envy is not of from and of God. 
4. Envy is a mother of strife. 
– James 3:14 – 16
Envy is disorder, chaos, confusion and leads to strife and every evil practice. 
5. Envy is worst then wrath or anger. 
– Proverb 27:4
Who can stand?
6. Envy is like cancer.
– Proverbs 14:30
Envy rots the bones.
A Sound heart brings life to the bones.
Its like any cancer to the body, like a person on stage 4 cancer.
If envy is not sorted, our souls are damage to emotional and mental health.
The seven deadly sins.
1. Lust
2. Envy
3. Wrath
4. Pride
5. Sloth
6. Greed
7. Gluttony
We have to affirm ourselves with it is well with my soul. 
When facing other people envy. And we also have to face our own character or envy. Being honest with ourselves.
Biblical Examples:
+ Lucifer Envied God.
+ Cain Envied Abel.
+ Philistines Envied Isaac.
+ Rachel Envied Leah.
+ Joseph’s Brothers Envied Joseph.
+ King Saul Envied David.
+ Chief Priest Envied Jesus.
1. Lucifer Envied God – Sin of envy originated – long way of back of creation of Adam and Eve. Envy started started with comparison. Isa 14, Ezek 28. Self exaltation. Isa 14:13-14.
Lucifer wanted to be God. God expelled them. 
2. Cain Envied Abel – Two son of Adam and Eve. Envy brought about the first murder. God had not given favor for Cain. Incensed! Doing what is right is a very big warning from God. Gen 4:4 – 5. 1 John 3:11 – 12. Character assassination. Guarding of the soul.
3. Philistines Envied Isaac – Gen 26:12 – 13 – 14 King was jealous of Isaac because of his wife.
4. Rachel Envied Leah – 2 wifes of Jacob. Gen 29:16 – Reason for the barrenness. Gen 30:1 – 6 Rachel envied her sister Leah. Having more sons and a daughter. We sometimes take matters into our own hands which what Rachel did. Dan was birth out of envy.Any ministry which is born out of envy will bear bad fruits. Gen 49:50 Dan will will be a viper along the path. The track of Dan was omitted in the bible. 
5. Joseph brother’s Envied Joseph – Gen 37:11 Acts 7 :9.
6. King Saul Envied David – 1 Sam 17:, 1 Kings 18: 7 – 9. Envy is very violent.King Saul’s jealous eye against David.
7. Chief Priest Envied Jesus -Matt 27: 18 Ill-will. They were unable to have what authority over the Jews. Luke 23:33
+ Because of Envy, Lucifer rebelled against God!
+ Because of Envy, Cain killed Abel!
+ Because of envy, the philistines stopped Isaac’s well!
+ Because of Envy, Rachel took things into her own hands!
+ Because of Envy, Josephs brothers sold him!
+ Because of Envy, King Saul turned on David!
+ Because of Envy, the chief priests crucified Jesus!
Reminder – How to cure envy heart. How to conquer.
1. Be Christ – Like
2. Be Contented
3. Be Concerned with own promises. Not self centered.
1. Be Christ Like 
– Clothe with Christ: Romans 13:13 -14
– Clothe with Love – 1 Corinthians 13: 4- 8 ( Sacrificial Love)
-Clothe by the Holy Spirit – Galatians 5:16
2. Be Contended
I am to love God enough to be contented; I am to love men enough not to envy.
+ Contentment 1 Tim 6:6 -8; Philippians 4:11 -12
+ Compare not: 2 Corinthians 10:12 
+Stop competing 
3. Be concerned with our own promises.
+ Concerned with own promises: Abraham: 13
+Care not who gets the credit: Former US President Reagan:’There is no limit to what man can accomplish if he does not care who gets the credit.’
+ Confident that God’s Acceptance of others is not rejections of you! Grow Up!



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