Envy. A little share!

If you ever have jealousy in your heart repent for it will kill you! Even in climbing ladder in the corporate situations. Wanting somebody else’s position is it really worth it? Is it really God’s will for us? If really check yourself before challenging yourself to that position of understanding your work scale and load and the position your in. Weight out the pro’s and con’s of your current job position. And then weight that position you want to be at also with the pro’s and con’s. Reason might also show that its either your will or God’s will. So check yourself before you get yourself killed at work! Pray hard about where you are going and pray hard for answer from God too.
Here is a sermon that was preached by Pastor Adeline, something that we all will have to check ourselves with everyday. And stay God centered.

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Lets be real about it.

Right now I just feel closed into the corner. Which does call for more interesting times. I know that in my life and future that will be coming will kind of hard. Cutting losses now will be a better time to take some rest and re-collect myself with that little bit of peace. Even for ministry and work too. I did promise myself when I was in bible school not to fake myself, lie to myself about having rest. This has gone way to far for my liking even having to find time to pray o even read the bible. Ido hate it when they try to use heir authority over me which I do think they will no be ale to control me in any way. They imply their personal bullshit selfishess. I will not conform just for their liking. I was trying to understand politics. But then I realised that politics is actually true heart of a human being of selfishness that which alot of people will say is not but to me it still is. (If doing right is wrong then what is right to begin with). I am more tired now more then ever. Will be quiting doing stuff so that i can recover.