Well word can really give you a great perspective in what we do  and majorly in what we say to others. The explanation of the word’s meaning makes it quite ever clear vice versa.

Here it goes:

noun: ultimatum; plural noun: ultimata; plural noun: ultimatums
  • a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations.
    “their employers issued an ultimatum demanding an immediate return to work”

    synonyms;  final offer, final demand, take-it-or-leave-it deal; threat

    “he gave me an ultimatum, basically I pay him by Thursday or he calls the cops”

    Even the meaning in the synonyms was interesting i must say. I really have come to the point where i do need my time alone and its really getting real thin with giving up on dreams and sometimes even God too. But I just can’t give up God at all. I will have to do a sit down with my bosses and manager for a matter of having my month off without pay but still keeping the contact intact. Base line stays and most people would say no way. What i am about to do next will be a right move in the needed rest and recovery. one person in the company has been playing to many games and really fore see that the change will not come. As I have said in my previous postings – self create strive does not make any sense at all when you already a have to baby the clients.


    In end January 2016, I will be setting my lines for myself due to burn out. Right now still running fumes. Which is to re tape the contact from 12 to a 11 months working time frame at this point of have at least a month off in each year.If there is travel by the company I on that month that i am resting on. I will not go even if it is for community projects weather christian or not I really don’t want to care. Working back to back makes it damn dumb till the point of no rest. Physically and mentally. I realized i am a true workaholic. Which has change the perspective of my own personal life even getting married seem like a chore now. Which I don’t even have time for people and even myself. ball is in my court and I am using it before I go mental. O well lets just see what the results will be! This actually is not a threat more of a line drawn for mental health reasons like no able to sleep, burnout as physical work become worst daily, flat foot problems my ankles have give way anyways both of them! hmmmm…………….


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