Understanding the plight!

Will I do see the things God is doing in my life. I also want that breakthrought in the the spiritual aspect too. Which I do sometimes see in the next few months I will be trying to write reviews of books and and sermons. Will have to try simple blogging methods too also help me in my written english and not to sound so hush. I just got a K480 bluetooth keyboard for the time being. As I might be buying a Microsoft Surface 2 in time to come to replace my old laptop.

Seems like cleaning up my old laptop or factory reset was harder to undersatnd more then ever. Right now I am contented with this setup which would serve it purpose. Things at work have been looking a little grim. As people still only think of their own wit and mind which makes me feel really out of place to understanding the practice of christianity. The pass few months workload has started to pile to the sky in which i have been work to the core of last minute projects that should not be there at all. Not only that autopilot from the from the consulting department has started the blame game.

The only thing I could understand was not to fight or numb the stress factor of work. But to understand which perspective I stand at. A consultant, colleage & counselor who is working with me to put in to action relationship breakthroughs with that someone I am working with that is causing strive with unwanted needles in works also. Acceptance and forgiveness is still something I still can’t wrap my head around. Expressing the things we need to express would be one he said, to help people understand me too. I just find that my life never evole around work but real hardwork that show that the action is really valueable and the heart of the action put in. (Thats my understadning) Keeping quiet like what the bible says really works to some extent. Which I do see things changing around me more often then ever. Fools like me who comes from more entertainment backgroud would be like a crazy gossip and influencer to the company around us. Words without value. Now I do find words are cheap. Words without action never helps the situation. Give me or us a solution with function not selfishness!

Here is the formula:
Words + Action + Heart = Real satisfaction!
Words + no action = lifelessness.
Words + no heart = lifelessness.


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