Here it goes.

This a function of life it all start with a lie, double standards preached, falsehood & selfishness. Everytime I face this sort of thing I will come with a equation or a simple metafore of dominos made to fall in to that position.  If that only one thing to learn from it, its just that it usually end with something not good. It goes something like this:

This is a concept self created stupidity – Lies/Double tongue = STRIVE + sickness + pain + Worthless struggle = Death without a cause!

Then i will try and counter it with either logic or God’s word!.

The 5C’s concept. / Read Proverbs 12. Read the whole chapter please. Its really valuable.

This is where line are drawn. Its driving people to sickness more then ever. I am always ready for a fight. Even if I am sick. My body may be sick but soul and the Holy spirit & Jesus will reign vengeance for me even if I fall. Amen!


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