That path, road or walk.

It just gets harder every time. He does lookout for you. He does give Grace. Ho does give Love. He give the helping hand when needed. I still didn’t understand it till now that it would be this hard to walk the hardest off road to understand what God wants from me. Every time people take avantage of me I still fight back for what is right. I question myself this ‘did I do it correctly?’. Thus so the to bosses they know and they understands. But with knowledge does not really come with applied knowledge in life and in God. As we say the paper pushes to the people who hold themselves in high regard all the best for you. cause the applied knowledge with understanding has more need to for understanding.

Here is the system. With knowledge – its just information – With applied force of knowledge comes understanding – With applied knowledge without understanding that knowledge – its just pure stupidity – thinking that everything would work out your way. So assume that you have work it out. Jackasses…………………..

The people with mind games

Work is never done because somebody is always chattering away and it does disturb everybody else. Which is a major counter productive function of finish your day to day work. Like bullshit talk. Like bi%$#@# in the office, the gossip does everything to cheer the unless worker to push work to other. Thats just majorly stupid (as they say they are christians cultured office)- freaking bullshit. I still thank God for those who are pure at heart doing their work without complicency. After all the accusations that came to me I went back to my old habits smoking and drinking and womanizing to numb my mind. Which is really not helping, its just making me more tired and a dry pocket. All I could now is draw the lines and have my small peace away from that one person who is playing that game. God looks like I am back at square one with this Bitch………. Which self created strife in a team does not help anybody. Saying one thing and doing another makes you look really stupid. Sad to say this person does not see it but we all do. Waste off time and energy. Just say you want power we will understanding in where we can place you. But with that selfishness you will get nothing. Don’t you see God is there and you will not win this war because I too will not let you have a piece of me. Acting Holy gets yourself killed dumbass. I do admit I am headstrong for a very valid reason.

Sorry I got to stop and have a smoke. This bullshit has to stop. Not everything is about you.


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