Your Grace, Wisdom & Strength

This would be one of the hardest to write or even type out due to our sinful nature. As humans we sometimes have only one perspective and which i Thank God for HIS wisdom and revelation revealed to men. As for this plot of text that I am getting ready to share will be hardest for me working in the christian culture. Sometimes sad,fake & happy.

Col 3:23 NKJV
And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not unto men.

When I entered this office it was all happy and cherry. Which I thought was really vague and fake. I learnt in Bible school that action counts alot to how we apply in proper action. Balancing the action and word to promises of God and working in faith and faithfully giving. In which turn from kindness being taken for granted. I really didn’t want to go back to that situation of fighting fire with fire and becoming that unforgiven person. But I had too. To show certain people in the office that not every was for them. It really yielded to my anger and my old self jadedness came back.

Worst of all you can see things happening in the office which I could not comprehend. Saying that your a christian and giving the other side of the butt. God which part of firmness do I apply. And meekness towards people older then me? Shit no! Unnecessary energy and time wasted in talking which means nothing! Help i am ready to quit and move without work and money in the pocket. Rather be poor and have a sound-mind and heart.

God what is going on?


2 thoughts on “Your Grace, Wisdom & Strength

  1. Thanks for this. I get very tired of dealing with other people too. I think if we look at this life as a relationship with Him then how we deal with others is actually about how we deal with Him. It is not about how imperfect they are or how sinful we are because everything pales in comparison to Him. To me, this life is actually plan for me to know how perfect He is. Although I find it hard to keep a conversation going with God when im focused on trying to do the right thing…when i shd be looking at the Him instead…
    Bless you brother…

    • So true, Like working in church is a whole different matter altogether which is also interesting.Actions that matter to the matter. Remaining God focused is one I really fight hard to stay on the right narrow path and way which usually my own will, will not help. Thank you for commenting. God Bless you too! Hope to hear more from you too!

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