The joy of small.

The joy of small.

I Love it when I down size my room in many different ways in creating more space for relaxation and lesser hassle to clean. The things I see now like having game console and books to bicycles and other equipment in the house. Do we ever use it to it full potential? 

Just a thought about how much we all waste in life with our money too which I am trying to learn how to PIE out my cash flow too. Here is an article about downsizing in simple method of giving things away you really don’t need. Which I know will help you better live without clutter! 


Whats in my room list!

1. 42 inch tv – Used

2. PS3 – Used

3. Road bicycle – Semi daily rides!

4. Drumstick and practice – Used

5. HP laptop – Used

6. Mac Power-book – Used

7. Samsung tab – Used

8. Books – Downsized from 400++ to a nibble 100+

9. DVD/blueray’s/cd/others cds – Plastic cases should to a plastic recycler. DVD & cd in a pocket folder. 

Few other I things you might use more often then not……………


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