You hear the cry of the broken! Thank you Jesus.

For the last few  months in my church, the sermons have been moving into God’s peace, being still, prayer & compassion. Which I feel that as Christian’s we should always be looking out for each other and praying for one another and to spend time with God . 

For me at this time having semi heavy hours work in an office setting for the first time we all just have to take time to REFLECT with God. Keeping it God centered in every aspect of our life. Just an encouragement to others. Try sitting down for like 5 mins even however possible or busy your life may be.

Just do a simple reflection and you might see a difference in having a sound mind  and peace with what Jesus has taught in the Bible. 2 Timothy 1:7

Words with right motives have power. Wrong motives calls for trouble in every sense. 


2 thoughts on “You hear the cry of the broken! Thank you Jesus.

  1. Finding even a few minutes to be still before the Lord is very powerful. Prayer is simply a conversation. Too often we do all the talking and don’t take time to listen. If we want to grow closer to the Lord, we need to be quiet and see what He has to say to us. Be blessed today and bless someone else!

    • Thank you for stopping by. I am really still learning how to sit and be still and really just making time for God. HArd learning process and this journey might get tougher with every cause of what i had in the past. I thank you for these small but great reminders. I pray that the Lord will bless you too in everything you do.

      Something to share with you is that I came out of 5 years of the entertainment industry and had no mind of my own. Even though i was a christian. Had a lot of changes made with myself and towards God. Hit a major cross road which was music itself. Which everything had brought me into an emotional & mental spiral. I got out of entertainment just 2 years back in a really bad depressive state. Almost trying to kill myself and not wanting any body to know. Even my friends saw me as a mad outing crazy airhead out there trying to rock stuff hard on stage. Trying really hard to impress and earn more money too, to survive which got way out of hand. Drinking and smoking and no positive mindset with the hatred for the people.

      Which now i thank God to this day my path was actually already made and all i have to do is follow it even if i was hard to follow i still do fall in big and small pot holes here and there. But i think God for his love and hand protecting me.

      If you like me to share more i would be delighted too.

      Thank you again for dropping by.

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