The pen!

Still learning bits and pieces of marketing and business  context and filing bills. Bigger change is coming as I still have no idea what to do after my one year contract with this current company.

(For some circumstances have changed when I became a perm staff in the company for the next 1 year.  I will be not registering any company at the moment, but will be doing some more update about business ideas and bible aspect with it!)

1. To some with new names for the company. — Pending.

2. To register the company. — Pending.

3. To re-blog / re-title this current blog to the company name. — Pending.

4. Simple word of mouth advertising.

5. Get customers / clients.

6. Complete reading more of the bible and learn more of business ethics in a just~ manner apply biblical aspect to business. — Still learning

7. Complete reading other books – and yes i have to set a book list on blog site. — In progress.

8. Save up for girlfriend / wife to be if any? :p — Work in progress.

9. Save money for a home / a roof over my head. — Work in progress.

10. Go for a very simple holiday – PhilippinesThailand – Austria — Can WAIT!

11. Get a bike licence. — Pending.

12. Get a motor-bike. — Pending.

13. Go for a mission trip. — In progress. — LAOS.

I thank God for my current work and job statues. Which does keep me busy and working keeping my mind away from idle thoughts. Even with that said i will update more pages and posting of the blog. And yes i will try not to make all of you guess what business I’m doing. So watch for the updates.


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