The official order roll.

Yes i believe things were in work life when we all have enough of things seen in the office. politics too.

Bosses with out a brain or heart or proper strategy  – A pain too really work with in the long run. And yes they are just stupid.

Bosses with a brain, heart and proper strategy – A pain but sometimes hard to please.

Bosses who are just money minded – The worst of things that can ever happen to you is having to take a job with that company.

Who do you think has more power? CEO? or the CFO?

In my thinking the CEO is just a lazy officer in command who controls a bunch of yes man in semi operation and show face type. Well i am not discouraging companies in having one CEO. But i find that having one in the company he has to do proper effective marketing and manage-ring role in the company for what he or she is paid to do.

My thinking is that the CFO does more then just financial organisational movement. I think they have a lot more power in organisational skill and proper financial advice mostly joined with a lot ranks in the business and most things.

On this i would still have quality and proper service and proper ops rolling. I think i would still get a CFO to proper movers and shakers in the organisation. Well that’s just me.

There are times have the where i have to remind myself there is only so much we all can achieve in business for money never made the world go round and will not make you happy.Consider this – money was made for easy transactions.

There are a lot of things i would like to share but ti guess i would have to sit down and type another day. Ton’s of paper work coming my way!


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